GET Qualifications

    Global Education, Training & Qualifications 

Who We Are

Global Education Training and Qualifications Ltd (GETQ) is an awarding body that breaks the mould of traditional awarding organisations; blending innovative pedagogies and assessment methodologies to provide learners with an excellent experience from initial to formative to summative stages of their education. It seeks to build an international reputation for leading and innovative qualifications, utilising the best expertise available.

GETQ works collaboratively with examination boards through accrediting, recognising and endorsing programmes of studies and qualifications. It acts as a support foundation through offering its partners with expertise, knowledge and resources. We are currently on the application stage of becoming Ofqual regulated and aim to be Ofqual regulated by 2021.

What is our purpose?

Our purpose is to provide equitable education and utilising mixed methods that are progressive and places no undue burden on candidates.


What is our mission?

Our mission is to facilitate the development and accreditation of new meaningful programmes of study and qualifications, to address the gaps that we believe in providing robust and innovative education opportunities in leadership, performing arts, social action and other more work-based and technical disciplines.


What is our vision?

Our vision is of a global cohesive responsible society working collaboratively to ensure there are opportunities for all, and in particular we have a vision of delivering good quality education internationally.


Our Executive Team

Professor Andrew Saint George 

Rae Snape

Adam Tate

Professor John Grattan

David Stinson

Alumnus and Guest Lecturer at Harvard University, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, SAID Business School

Primary School Headteacher and National Leader of Education

Alumnus of Aberystwyth University, University of Oxford, Rohampton University. Associate Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University

Former Acting VC of Aberystwyth University 

CEO International Performing Arts & Theatre


Dance & Theatre Expert Panel

David Stinson

Sylvia Lane

Rick Tjia

Abigail Green


Social Action Expert Panel

Kelly Lovell

Adam Tate


Employability Expert Panel

David Stinson

Adam Tate